Manufacturing for bolt cutters started under a small shed in 1975 under "Bluestar" brand in Mumbai. Initially, the manufacturing was for general purpose bolt cutters suitable for non ferrous and mild steel wires, rods and bolts. Next, we developed the cutter for high tensile bolt cutters from range of 12" to 48" and custom made 56" bolt cutters. Product range was increased by adding cable cutters, snub nosed wire cutter for mesh / net cutting and then 8" pocket cutters. We now have wire rope cutter and small range of crimping tools.


Today, we are the largest manufacturing company not only for bolt cutters, but cable cutters, wire cutters, pocket cutters and wire rope cutters in India. Our customer's include almost 90 % of Indian steel and non ferrous wires, rods, fasteners, wire ropes and cable manufacturers. We also have more than 100+ distributors / dealers for our products in key industrial cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Ahemedabad, Udaipur, Trichy, Bhopal, Raipur, Pune, Mysore, Indore, Faridabad, etc to make us no. 1 selling brand in India

We now have 4 forging hammers of 1/2 ton, 3/4 Ton, 1 1/2 ton and 3 ton capacity, 4 friction screw presses, oil hardening furnaces, modern die making shop and special machineries at our Umergaon plant in addition to 2 units in Mumbai to manufacture simple but the best quality tools. Our rigid quality control from raw materials to the end product ensures that every tool made by us gives you optimum tool life and satisfaction. We have added 2 CNC machine just for faster and more accurate edge grinding of cable cutters productions. Now, we have total 10 different types of cable cutters to cut up to 50 mm by hand operated lever type cable cutters.


At present our tools are exported to more than 11 countries; including USA, UK, Middle East, Australia, etc.  

We invite genuine inquiries from importers and distributors for their bulk requirements. For super stores, hardware chains and manufacturers; we can also supply in neutral brand or in your brand depending on quantities.